We make tire and auto parts delivery the easiest part of your business.

Parts Distribution Xpress (PDX) is not your common courier.
We’re a tire and auto parts delivery brokerage that removes your burden of managing an in-house fleet.

What We Do

Be confident that your parts will get where they need to be

No matter when and where you need deliveries, we will quickly and professionally coordinate your drivers, vehicles, and logistics through our network of independent drivers.

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Why we’re trusted by the entire tire and auto parts supply chain

  • Tire and auto parts expertise
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Hundreds of dependable drivers
  • Cost-effective delivery solution
Why PDX?

We’re a cost-effective alternative to managing your own fleet

We match your delivery demands with independent drivers who eliminate your need to maintain an in-house fleet and its subsequent expenses, cutting your costs by up to 30%.

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